Monday, October 5, 2009

Over and Out

Sort of an inside bar this morning, on some data feeds it was inside the prvious, on ETX it was 1 pip higher, but i decided to trade it anyway. The bar was a small Ib 15977-93. With the entry price being above the 6am open and the 50moving average.

I entered at 15997 with a stop at 15977, size 50p per point. Price proceeded to rally and did hit 16023, but not high enough (30pips) for the stop to be moved to breakeven. The stop was trailed to 3 points below the low of the next candle (15986) and was stopped out at 15983 for 14 pips loss

Tomorrow's another day and hopefully a profitable one.

open Bal £160

P&L -£7

Close Bal £153

1 comment:

Unknown said...

It looks to me that the pin bars at 2-13 and 4-10 were predictive. The 2-13 pin bar in particular tipped off a run of 200+ pips. What are your thoughts on this?